Welcome to IR Angler, featuring Immersion Research Premium Paddling Wear for Kayak Fishing, and the IR Pro Kayak Fishing Team.
IR makes premium paddlewear for the kayak angler, designed and tested by paddlers, for paddling.  Immersion Research was started in 1997 by John and Kara Weld, a couple who loved paddling so much that they designed a product, a brand, a profession and a complete lifestyle around their passion and hobby.  IR is still owned and operated by the Weld Family who are more passionate about paddling gear than ever before.

Kayak Anglers need paddling gear too, which is why IR exists!  As a discipline, Kayak Fishing brings us a whole different lifestyle compared to other aspects of paddling, but it’s an activity that requires the same level of technicality and highly functional gear.  This website represents IR’s dedication to Kayak Anglers everywhere.  Our goal is to provide the best clothing for all of your Kayak Fishing adventures and to contribute to the community in a helpful and friendly way.  The IR Angler Team is a reflection of that goal, comprised of individuals who share the same aspirations and visions.

IR | Core kayaking gear since 1997.

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