Sight Casting from a Kayak

In addition to some other great brands, I am fortunate to be an endorsed fishing guide for Native Watercraft.  Native is well known for their fishing kayaks and the fact that you are able to stand in all of them.  This incredible ability is why I love to sight cast from my kayak.

Standing in a kayak, vs. sitting, is a huge game changer while you are on the water.  I am forever amazed at how much more I can see, and how many more fish I catch, in a standing position.  As a coastal resident and avid saltwater fisherman, the Red Fish is unequivocally my favorite species to fish for and also happens to be fairly vulnerable to the art of sight casting.  Whether casting with my fly rod or with a bait caster the ability to stand and sight cast is key to a great day on the water.  You’ll still find some Reds if you are bound to a sitting position, but from a standing vantage point you are far more likely to have a better day on the water.


Chris Tryon stands and sight casts at Ft Fisher NC


Sight casting to Reds is what you may have seen people doing on expensive flats boats in a warm tropical setting.  With far less money and hassle you can accomplish the same thing in a kayak, and you can do it right here in North Carolina.  Once you spot your first school of tailing Red Fish I know you will be hooked like I was.  There is something primal about it.  Polling slowly across a flat, hunting something that you can spook as easily as a deer or wild turkey, your timing and accuracy with rod and reel is a true experience and art form on the water.  The first fish you catch using this method will send blood pumping through your veins and keep you coming back for more.


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